Teacher Training

Wild Spirit School of Yoga

ytt-2We are proud to offer a well rounded Yoga Alliance Certified, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.

The goal of our 200 hour training is to prepare teachers to be able to teach the foundations of a traditional hatha yoga class. The training will enrich and deepen your own personal experience of yoga, pranayama and meditation as well as help you to develop essential teaching skills.

The first half we will dedicate towards teaching the mechanics of the yoga poses as well as anatomy, physiology and kinesiology in regards to spinal alignment and core stabilization. Emphasis will be on understanding each posture and learning how to effectively cue moving into, out of and working within each asana with the breath.  In the first half of the training, we will also spend a lot of time working in practice teaching to build confidence and help you as a teacher to find your voice and your rhythm.

The second half of the training will build on the foundation of the poses we learn and teach you how to build class sequences in a vinyasa or purposefully put poses together for a common theme or class focus. Also, how to interact skillfully with students through responsive cuing, adjustments and modifications.

We will practice and learn how to teach pranayama methods for a beginner level yoga class. We will learn and practice meditation and yoga’s teachings of the mind and how it works. We will discuss and explore intuition and being receptive to your classes needs. We will work through special content such as Finding Your Voice, Energy of the body, Ayurvedic ytt-bookMedicine, Sanskrit, Yoga Sutras and the Language of Hatha Yoga.

We highly recommend at least 1 year of a regular yoga practice as well as taking yoga classes at Wild Spirit and with Jennifer to make sure we are the right teacher training and approach for you.


Tuition is $2,500. Payment plans and some work/study plans are available.

Our current Yoga Teacher Training will complete in March 2017. The next session is forming this July 2017.

Yoga Alliance requires 200 hours of training to be a certified and registered Yoga teacher. 185 of those hours must be direct contact hours. In order to obtain those hours here is our Summer Schedule:

Meeting Times (15 hours)
15 hours a week for 3 weeks 
then a 2 week break between sessions- 
for 4 sessions

Intensive 3 consecutive weekends then a 2 week home study. In these 2 weeks, required assignments and some group work will be assigned on the off weeks for the non-contact hours required by yoga alliance. These assignments will reflect the studies that have been done as well as preparation for upcoming work.

Weekend Contact Hours:
Friday 6:30pm-9:30pm (3 hours)
Saturday 2pm-6:30pm (4.5) 
Sunday 9am -4:30pm (7.5)

Meeting Dates
Session 1: July 7-9, July 14-16 & July 21-23
Session 2: Aug 4-6, Aug 11-13 & Aug 18-20
Session 3: Sept 8-10, Sept 15-17 & Sept 22-24
Session 4: Oct 13-15, Oct 20-22 & Oct 27-29

Coming soon, we will be offering an advanced 300 hour teacher training Contact Jennifer if you are interested in learning more at (970) 412-8740.


Congratulations Spring 2017 Graduates