An Excellent Adventure Inward: Emily’s Journey

A few months ago, I embarked on a “most excellent adventure”; one that I was not fully prepared for, but felt compelled to embark upon. I wanted to share my experience and let you know what is happening in my creative process as a teacher, mentor, yogi… human.

Back in September, was part of a face-to-face intensive program through Coach-U, a company known globally for their coaches training program. Truthfully, I was a bit skeptical, but the program entailed a trip to Portland… which I could not resist. When I walked into the room, I immediately felt intimidated, my Ego told me “you are not good enough, for whatever it is that is happening in this room”… that is my go-to pattern, for much of my life there has been this “ego-manic with an inferiority complex” living inside my brain, filling it with ridiculous, un-grounded thoughts/expectations/illusions. Thankfully, I was surrounded by a group of kind, supportive… strangers; yeah, it was a pretty cool feeling.

After a few hours of work, I still wasn’t 100% sure I understood what a “coach” was, much-less if I was/could be one! I knew that as a middle school athletic coach I would walk beside and team-up with my players to help them achieve their best on the field/court, as a yoga instructor/mentor I partner with my students to gain more insight into their personal practice on and off the mat, but wasn’t sure if any of those definitions matched up with the tools a coach could provide to improve someone’s daily life. (I soon realized I was overthinking this piece, because, HELLOOO, yes!)

The week was intense, I was coached, I coached others, I learned, stretched, dug and was blown away. I was amazed by the deep work I was doing, without really knowing it. It was fun, brain bending, soul filling… and I felt like I had found another piece to the puzzle. The most important aspect that I was reminded of was that life is truly an evolving journey and is meant to be shared. Through a combination of yoga, soul recovery work, Reiki and coaching I can better support myself and my  students to learn new ways to uncover patterns and false identifications in our lives.

Over the past few years I have learned a lot about myself. I have rooted down and looked seriously at how I live my life. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. It isn’t always easy, and there are moments where I want  to give up, give in, run-away; thankfully I have people to remind me to stay the course. What has become increasing clear is that this growth takes time and work, vulnerability and courage, compassion and self-care; and we achieve this through accountability and support, learning new ways to connect, contribute and bring value to others along the way.

As a coach, I want partner with you to help you dive deeper into the work of getting to know yourself; realizing your strengths, weaknesses and desires, and learning to live a life with purpose and vision. I am excited to share this new avenue for exploration with you, in any capacity. My greatest hope is to empower you to embrace your unique visions, living the life you deserve. Contact Emily at

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