Yoga for the Prenatal Momma

There are so many great things yoga does for your body, your stress, your hormones, your sciatica and swollen ankles. All these things are great, and are VERY true and very beneficial throughout your pregnancy.. you can start yoga pregnant even if you have never done it before or any exercise in your life! When you start coming to class you will feel those benefits right away!


What I wanted to share with you guys today is what I loved about yoga as a pregnant mom. Yoga showed me ways to move my body that helped relieve the aches and weird pains, pelvic tilts and back aches that pregnancy can bring….I loved how the poses, the mantras, meditation and breath work of prenatal yoga helped  make some room for the baby. Its tight quarters in there that they are quickly growing out of. So yoga brings a lot of relief for you and the baby.

But also, When I discovered these techniques I realized the underlying idea was to connect fully to the present experience of becoming a mom and to my little baby. It started the journey to the deep personal relationship I was making with this new human in my life. To take a moment each week and be guided to slow down and realize that everything I felt, and everything that I experienced, my baby did…so I felt more conscious and was able to and kind of pull my lens back a bit, to see the bigger picture and the magic and miracles about my pregnancy and my labor, my family….and the whole experience.

Its not that we aren’t supposed to have very human moments. Where we stress out, & freak out…What yoga teaches us is the tools, to help get back to our center. To what we know to be true, to breathe, to feel our butts in the chair, to relax our bodies, to relax our jaws, to soften our eyes, to use more of our senses than just our brains.  

And since life, pregnancy, birth is dynamic, and is always changing, and it sometimes doesn’t look how we think it will look like or we discover those parts of ourselves that we have never seen before. Yoga helps us to soften and to see the journey. When I can do that, I actually attract the peace and tranquility I am looking for, because it is coming from within…not based on the external circumstances that are mostly out of my control. So it frees me up! Makes me feel better, happier and more at ease.

Whatever your birth plan may be it is taking your yoga practice into whatever external experience and feeling all of THAT, in each moment. Come talk to me if you have any questions. We are starting up a prenatal yoga series this July 9th -30th which will meet from 12-1:15 pm and another series in the fall.

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I wish you all the best on your journey.


Jennifer Carmack



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