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Wild Spirit Yoga presents

“Living Wellness: Inspiring a holistic approach to health and well being.”

Tomball, TX- Mother’s Day Weekend, Wild Spirit Yoga will be hosting 30+ holistic and wellness practitioners from around the area. “Our goal is to share different modalities of wellness within our community. To inspire individuals to look at their health with a wider lens. That true health and wellness covers not only diet and exercise, but also the mind, the way we think about our health, our bodies and our lives, and plays a major role in the quality of our life.” says Jennifer Carmack, host and creator of Wild Spirit Yoga.  “We have attracted some of the best practitioners in our area, teachers and wellness professionals that walk the talk…the holistic fair is about offering samples of our services for people to experience and get inspired to take the next steps on their health journey.”  Wild Spirit Holistic Fair will be held at 104 Houston St. in Old Town Tomball Saturday, May 7th from 10am-5pm.  A variety of free classes, lectures and services will be offered throughout the day for the whole family including acupuncture, chiropractic, Thai chi, reiki, art therapy, yoga, pilates, nutrition, health coaching, parenting, prenatal care and birthing, kids yoga, and so much more . Free to the community. 

Schedule of Events for the Day & Participating Practitioners

10:00 AM Main Stage Class: Yoga Flow For All Levels w. Live Music

In Studio Class: Kindermusik w. Whitney

w. Emily Williams of WIld Spirit Yoga


10:30 AM Class: Meditation & Live Music w. Nathanial Livingston
11:00 AM Class: Intro to Thai Chi & Chi Gong

In Studio Talk: Childhood Development: The Amazing Brain of a baby

w. Amy Thedinger

w. Dr. Kim Nguygen

11:30 AM Talk: “Happy Bellies” Gut Health & Micro Blome w. Anisha from Heartful Earth Cuisine
12:00 PM Talk: What is Gluten? And How does it Affect Your Body?

In Studio Talk: How do I choose the best healing modality for me

w. Michelle from Juice Plus

w. Alan Brock

12:30 PM Talk: PAIN IN THE BUTT: How to heal your sciatica w. Stacy Olinger
1:00 PM Talk: Energetic Medicine: Sound Healing

In Studio Talk: How Can Intuition Guide Your Life?

w. Health Farm

w. Valentina Silva

1:30 PM Talk: Positive Parenting – Through awareness, connection and communication, we can give our children the best to start a successful life and have the freedom to enjoy ourselves in the process w. Cherie Clark-Moore
2:00 PM Talk: The Bradley Method and Birthing

In Studio Talk: The Stigma of Depression

w. Molly England of Bluebonnet Babies

w. Stacey Olinger

2:30 PM Talk: Your Thoughts Create Your Action w. Amy Cox from Lose the mental weight
3:00 PM Does Walking the spiritual path, have to be that hard? w. Alan Brock
3:30 PM Talk: How to test your kids for specific food sensitivities w. Stacy Olinger
4:00 PM
4:30 PM Class: Buti Yoga w. Adrianne w. Adrianne of Wild Spirit Yoga
5:00 PM Drum Circle Ceremony : Bring your drums or percussion making instruments w. Jennifer Carmack of Wild Spirit Yoga

Practitioners Participating

Amy Cox, Life Coach & Personal Training of www.Losethementalweight.com

amy coxAmy, the Mental Weight Loss Coach, and I help smart, witty, joyful women lose the mental gunk that is keeping them from reaching their goals – like winning the love/hate game with food, losing the weight once and for all, and rocking out a great pair of jeans with confidence!

Why is this my passion? Because I spent the majority of my life beating myself up and feeling like a failure for not being able to keep the weight off or figure out my food struggles. When I did finally lose the physical weight (80lbs) and became a personal trainer, I still lugged around the mental weight of emotional eating and feeling like a fraud. It became clear to me that the work to define a healthy Amy, required more than rules about food and working out.

My AHA moment came when I realized that my limiting beliefs and thoughts about myself, my body, and food COULD change – I could write a new story – and I did. 

I work 1 on 1 with women, just like you, because I know there is no “one size fits all” – we are all unique and deserve the space to write our own story. Through coaching sessions and email support, I will help you to identify what is holding you back from losing weight, how to cure your emotional eating, and to define what healthy means to YOU!  


Amy Thedinger, Qi Gong, Thai Chi & Yoga


 Amy’s journey with Yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi began after many years of long distance running and strenuous exercise.   A mother to five wonderful children, ages 12 to 24,  she found exercise as a way to relieve the stress of day to day life, and provided a personal outlet to regroup.  Eventually the physical pain of strenuous exercise was too much for her to handle- running, weight lifting and dieting to match her program.  During that time of realization, she started looking for something to take her on a different path, as the physical and emotional toll were taking her down, instead of uplifting her.  Her personal  life had become a rocky road of ups and downs, and the practices of the ancient arts of movement, meditation, self-reflection resonated with her. In these practices she found healing of mind, body and soul.


Alan Brock, Ground Your Divinity

I am a coach focusing on multiple levels of wellness (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) with the overall intention of helping people connect to Spirit, foster natural healing and live from that place in a practical way.


Anisha Anand, Personal Wellness Chef

Anisha2Personal Wellness Chef at Heartful Earth Cuisine, Anisha Anand strives to inspire and empower people to promote their health and wellness with food. Anisha, who studied Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at UCSF, has also completed the Nutritional Leadership program with Dr. Joshua Axe, and the Culinary Rx program with the Rouxbe Cooking School, in partnership with the Plantrician project. She is also a member of the United States Personal Chef Association (www.uspca.com).

Anisha’s writing/recipe creations have been featured in The Bay Area Health and Wellness magazine of Houston, as well various health coaches on their websites and blogs. She recently also was interviewed by Cleverly Stone on her food talk radio show on CBS Houston.

Heartful Earth Cuisine offers Personal Wellness Chef services that include meal planning and in home chef services, nutritious & healthy recipes, cooking lessons, demos, cooking workshops and learn to cook parties, gut health and fermented food (Kombucha/Kefir) workshops, special family dinners, romantic dinners, recipe creation & consulting and free introduction to essential oils classes.

For daily inspiration and services follow Heartful Earth Cuisine on

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HeARTfulEarthCuisine
Blog: https://heartfulearthcuisine.wordpress.com/

Ashley Klem, Doula  www.AshleyKlemmDoula.com

ashley klem

I am a labor doula certified through Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association (CAPPA).  I have been pursuing my calling into a life of birthwork since 2010 through self study and volunteer involvement.  I began attending births as a labor doula in August 2015.  I attend births in hospitals, home, and birth centers.  My special interests include natural birth and VBAC.



Atalie Anderson, Young Living Essential Oils

13148139_10153436540560493_1679803788_oAtalie Anderson has been using essential oils for 16 years, since being introduced to them in massage therapy school. For the last two years, she has become passionate about sharing and educating on the benefits of Young Living Essential Oils and their impact on her young family. She feels strongly that moms and families should know there is a choice when choosing what it means to support a family’s wellness holistically. Young Living is the World Leader in Essential Oils. Through the painstaking steps of our proprietary Seed to Seal production process, we produce the best, most authentic essential oils in the world. We are committed to providing pure, powerful products for every family and lifestyle, all infused with the life-changing benefits of our essential oils.







Cherie Clark-More, BrainChild Parenting


“Working with parents to raise successful,confident children and have a happy connected family.”





Dr. Evan Pulver, Foundation Chiropractic http://www.foundationwoodlands.com/

Dr. Evan is awesome! He is going to show you a lot of great options for your health journey!


Emily Williams, Yoga, Reiki & Owner Wild Spirit Yoga

7.29.15_37 (531x800)

Emily’s journey with yoga began to blossom in 2006. Guided to yoga by a hope to deepen her spiritual journey, find peace and happiness within her heart and connect the energies of her mind and body; she fell in love with the principles and sequence of the Ashtanga practice.

She received her 200 hour RYT from Sara Turk in 2012, where she focused on Ashtanga-Vinyasa (flow) style yoga, as well as anatomy, physiology and the energetics of yoga. She completed her 500 hour advanced teacher training in 2015 and she recently received her Reiki Master Training under the guidance of Jennifer Carmack.

Emily is also a middle school language arts teacher at a private school in the Spring/Houston area. Her students help her embrace the vivacity of youth, and live in the moment.

Family Farm Holistic Wellness Store http://www.familyfarmhealth.com/

Located on 249 in Tomball. A holistic health store and wellness center. Family Farm is going to be offering reflexology, iridology and sound healing at Saturday’s Fair!


Jennifer Carmack, Owner Wild Spirit Yoga


Jennifer Carmack has been teaching Hatha and Vinyasa yoga for over 8 years and practicing yoga over 16 years. Jennifer is inspired by many teachers but some major influences in her teaching today come from Christina Sell, Shiva Rae, Ana Forrest and Tara Judelle. She studied Yoga with 200 hours at the Shambhava School of Yoga in Colorado in 2008. She is also a master/teacher in Reiki, Certified Pilates instructor, and teaches Nia. Jennifer’s classes flow combined with step by step instruction in alignment of postures to the complexities of deepening your practice. A light hearted class with a spiritual focus, Jennifer wants you to feel Yoga from the inside out.

“My mission is to bring my students closer to experiencing their spirits through Yoga. By feeling the prana, life energy within, you get closer to the understanding that your are bigger than your body and that we are all connected. For me, that is the deeper practice, where Yoga reveals compassion, love peace and joy. I opened Wild Spirit because I wanted to create a Yoga studio where we can offer authentic, traditional classes and one-on-one training. Our classes are small and our hearts are big! Whatever brings you to your Yoga mat and which ever teacher you are drawn to, we want your experience in our studio to leave you feeling better than when you walked in.”


Dr. Kim Nguyen, Aligned Chiropractic – www.alignedfamilychiro.com


 Dr Kim is committed to taking care of the family as a whole, with an emphasis on pediatric and pregnancy chiropractic care. We believe each child and parent should be as healthy as they can be from conception to birth. Health begins before you’re born, let us help guide you in this journey.



MacKenzie Droll & Carrie Gomez, Birthing BootCamp www.birthingwithawe.com

Sept. 27th Instructor Meme

Mackenzie Droll (The Woodlands/Conroe) and Carrie Gomez (Tomball/Spring) are certified Birth Boot Camp instructors who know first-hand how empowering birth can be. Birth Boot Camp specializes in preparing couples for an amazing, natural birth and breastfeeding experience. With the incredible in-person childbirth classes or comprehensive online childbirth classes, you and your partner will create a toolbox of information, relaxation techniques, and comfort measures to use during your birth. We cover nutrition, all aspects of labor and birth, procedures and tests parents may come across before and after for mom and baby, and an extensive breastfeeding education. Our goal is to provide couples information in order for them to make educated decisions for themselves and their growing family.




Mera, Intuitive Guidance www.meraslight.com

Screenshot_2015-09-10-18-47-17-1Love is your natural state of Be-ing”  Love is the ONLY answer to all of your questions and experiences on this Beautiful Earth Journey……~Mera~

~Mera~ is a StarSeed & Psychic/Medium/Lemurian Healer who Divinely connects with the Angelic Realms, Spirit Guides, Masters, Highest Light Teachers, Loved Ones as well as many other beauiful “Light Filled” Benevolent Beings that are so excited & available to help with your magical transformation & journey here on Earth.  Mera is a Master Seer/Channel who performs “Soul Readings” to generate information on your current “Time Line” to bring forth Love, clarity & guidance to your life experience.  You will always receive what your Soul wants you to know at this very moment.  Mera always & only works through Love and has a special mission with young adults & children (Indigos, Crystals, Diamonds, Rainbow Rays, etc.). Through Mediumship Mera also can connect with your Loved Ones that have made the beautiful journey “Home” to bring forward messages needed for Soul Healing, Love & Joy. To know your Loved Ones are still with you can truly be a Life altering experience. She can also connect with your “Crossed Over” Pet family and offers Animal Totem readings as well as Home Cleansings at all Levels.
Rev. ULC; Angel Practitioner, Certified Medium “Doreen Virtue, PhD”; Angel Oracle Practitioner “Doreen Virtue, PhD”; Master Lemurian Healing Practitoner; Theta Healing Practitioner.Services Offered: Angel Readings, Healing with Angels, Angel Oracle, Channeling Spirit Guides, Masters, Highest Light Teachers, Loved Ones, Benevolent Star Beings, Mediumship with Crossed Over Loved Ones, pets. Lemurian Healing, Theata Healing, Home Cleansing/Blessing, Animal Totem, Children, etc.

Please contact Mera at 832.622.9056 for further details on Sessions and Fees.
Visit Mera’s website at www.meraslight.com


Molly England, Bluebonnet Babies & Bradley Birthing Method®

molly englandMolly England earned her master’s degree in social work at The University of Edinburgh. She currently lives in The Woodlands, Texas with her husband and their three children. She is a devoted blogger, freelance writer and a passionate Certified Bradley Method® Natural Childbirth Educator. In 2015 Molly founded Bluebonnet Babies, a virtual hub providing products and resources based on evidence, research, experience and love to parents making healthy and informed choices. Writing enables Molly to achieve her goal of empowering families across the globe as they navigate pregnancy to parenthood. Molly’s recent article is featured in On Parenting of The Washington Post. She is also published in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine’s February Issue, The Mother Magazine, Green Child Magazine, Pathways to Family Wellness, Holistic Parenting Magazine and more.

Visit www.bluebonnetbabies.com, follow us on Facebook.com/bluebonnetbabies, Twitter.com/bluebonetbabies, Instagram.com/bluebonnetbabiesand Pinterest.com/mollyengland 

Nathan Livingston, Musician

meandboubaNathan loves discovering culture through music.  After graduating from school, he took to the road to hear how people around the world make music.  He brought back unique instruments that he will carry with him forever.  The Ravannahatha is from Rajasthan, in India, and is a spike-fiddle folk instrument of the desert.  The N’Goni is from Mali, an instrument he learned to play while in Dakar.  Nathan hopes to make these instruments more visible in our own musical culture.




Naturally Nancy’s, Herbalist

naturally nancieswww.naturallynancy.net/







Reiki Share, Sonny Seyler & variety of Reiki Master practitioners offering Reiki by donation.


Usi-Tibetan Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that has promoted healing for thousands of years.  Rei- meaning Spiritual wisdom and Ki-meaning life energy. This is the same life energy the Chinese call Chi. It is that energy that nourishes organs and cells of the body, supporting them in their vital functions.  When the flow of life energy is disrupted, it causes diminished functioning within  the organs and tissues of the physical body.  It is the disruption in the flow of Ki that is the main cause of illness. Reiki rebalances your life energy.  It works with the energy flow of your body through the meridians and the chakras of your body. Reiki can never cause harm.  It is a powerful healing and balancing practice that is very gentle.




Dr. Rey Garay

dr reyDr. Garay holds a Master’s in Psychology and a Doctorate in Higher Education. He taught Psychology for thirteen years and was an educational counselor for twenty years at a Houston Community College where he retired as Dean of Student Development. Dr. Garay Is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Master Hypnotist since 2009. He has presented and taught self-hypnosis to hundreds of community and business professionals as well as college students. Through his individualized hypnotherapy sessions, he has helped improve the lives of individuals having problems with self-esteem, generalized anxiety attacks, public-speaking, insomnia, test-taking and social anxiety.



Scott Thompson, Accupunture & Chinese Medicine


 People try acupuncture and Chinese herbs for all sorts of reasons. For some it’s because they’re in pain, for others it’s a serious illness…some people just want a tune up. No matter what brings you in, I’ll strive to help you regain balance. I want you feeling happy, healthy and vibrant. I want you feeling great again! 





Stacy Olinger, Massage & Integrative Wellness


Stacy is here to help you decipher what’s going on within your body and explain it in a way that’s easy to understand. She leads you through the Functional Mind-Body approach to reversing your health conditions and reclaiming your energy. When the doctor tells you everything is “normal” on your bloodwork, but you KNOW something just isn’t right, you have other options. Stacy helps adults and children overcome anxiety, fatigue, and physical pain through Nutrition Therapy, Emotional Release Therapy, and Medical Massage Therapy.



Valentina Castro, Art Therapist, Theta Healing, Organagold Ganoderma Advocate





Art therapy is commonly used in the treatment of anxiety, depression and other mental and emotional problems; substance abuse and addictions; family and relationship issues; abuse and domestic violence; coping with disability or illness. Art therapy can be done individually or in groups. It can be performed in a single session (Workshop) or a series of sessions.
Creating art in itself is considered as a form of therapeutic self-expression. However, the formal use of art therapy typically includes analysis and interpretation of the meaning of what a person has created with the therapist and/or peers in a group situation. These analyzes can foster the discernment of what the work might reveal about the person’s life, goals, aspirations, feelings or needs.


Whitney Sheldon, Kindermusik with Whitney http://www.kindermusikwithwhitney.com/

Ynske Joppe, Nutrition & Juice Plus www.w-v.juiceplus.com

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