Rainy Day Any Day Gentle Yoga Sequence

Schools are closed today and classes are canceled. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a little time in your day to do some yoga. Whether you are just getting on the floor while your kids are running around you, or you are able to light some candles and sit in some quiet this morning, this is a sequence everyone can benefit from.

Gentle Yoga Sequence

On All 4s

cat cowCat/Cow

  • Inhale lower your belly, curl your tailbone towards the back of your head as you bring the back of your head towards your tailbone.
  • Exhale round your back, take your chin to your chest and round your tailbone towards the back of your knees.



Thread the needle

  • Bring your left hand to the floor at eye level in the center of your mat. Reach the right hand up towards the ceiling, twisting your chest open as you reach through your hand towards the sky.  
  • Then bring that right hand and thread it through the left arm, lowering the right shoulder and head all the way down to the floor if its accessable. Breathe  5-10 breaths then switch sides



Image result for gentle janu sirsasana1 leg forward bend

  • Sitting bring your right leg in, so your foot comes to the inside of your left thigh.  The left leg is straight out.  
  • Fold forward over the leg.
  • If you would like to place a blanket under your hips to help the hips tip forward as your body folds over the leg that is beneficial.  Its better to work to get the belly towards the thigh rather then fold forward from the low back. Breathe here 5-10 breaths.


  • Then open the right shoulder as you reach the right arm up by your ear reaching for the right toes. So basically you are coming
    into a side stretch as you sit in the hips.  Breathe here 5-10 breaths then switch legs.




Wide Angle Sitting Pose

  • Sit with both legs wide and fold forward. Again getting the tailbone to lengthen behind you (stick your butt back) or thinking about your belly coming towards the floor.  Breathe here 5-10 breaths.


On Your Back

  • Hug your right knee into chest. Breathe here 5-10 breaths
  • Gently circle the right leg around in the hip, going both directions 3-5x then hug in again.




  • padangustasanaGrab behind the knee and gently stretch the right leg up towards the ceiling. Use a strap or a towel around the foot if it makes it more accessible. Breathe here 5-10 breaths.




  • Bring that right leg slightly over to the left side of your hip. Just a little bit of an angle of the leg should move the stretch through the lateral side of the hamstring and hip. Breathe here 5-10 breaths. * You can bring your foot to a wall or chair to help support the leg at this angle and allow you to hold this stretch longer.  




  • Then open the right leg to the right of your body. Again doesn’t have to be a huge angle in the leg to benefit. Breathe here 5-10 breaths.





  • Figure 4 stretch: Cross the right angle on top of the left knee. Gently move the thigh bone back and forth in the hip. If it feels ok you can hug the left leg in towards the chest while the right angle is on the left knee. Keep the right foot active and flexed towards the knee in this position it keeps the thigh plugged in the hip for a better/safer stretch. Breathe here 5-10 breaths.





SavasanaSavasana/Meditation/Yin Pose

Take 1-10 mins to lie comfortably and breathe a gentle even breath. Like the waves of the ocean. Relax. Its important for your nervous system and the tension in your body. Decreases stress hormones and balances your whole day!



Downloadable/Printable Version Here: GentleYogaSequence



WildSpirits-59Jennifer Carmack

Jennifer Hennrich Carmack has been teaching Hatha and Vinyasa yoga for over 8 years and practicing yoga over 16 years. Jennifer is inspired by many teachers but some major influences in her teaching today come from Christina Sell, Shiva Rae, Ana Forrest and Tara Judelle. She studied Yoga with 200 hours at the Shambhava School of Yoga in Colorado in 2008. She is also a master/teacher in Reiki, Certified Pilates instructor, and teaches Nia. Jennifer’s classes flow combined with step by step instruction in alignment of postures to the complexities of deepening your practice. A light hearted class with a spiritual focus, Jennifer wants you to feel Yoga from the inside out.


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