Changes Ahead

Its amazing to think back over the past few years. It seems like there has been so many changes in my life, never a dull moment. From opening the studio, moving to a new house, having babies, teaching, studying yoga, hosting Seane Corn, meeting such wonderful, authentic, heart centered people every day.  I am so grateful for this journey!

Four years ago, Greg, Jeremiah and I decided to take the leap together and open Pilates Place of The Woodlands. It was such an exciting time for all of us. We knew it was in our hearts to take on this new adventure. It felt divinely inspired because it all seemed to fall into place in perfect timing. Well it seems like the universe has another big change for all of us. This Spring, the opportunity arose for Greg to purchase a building. It is an vision he has been looking to manifest and he felt like this was the right time.  He is making space for quite a few new opportunities for the community in Pilates, training, massage, therapeutics and more . I am excited to see all that he will create! While this change was going on for him, I started to wonder what God had in store for me. Where would this transition take me? What is my spirit called to do? My intention has always been to hold the space for healing and to align with God’s will. A constant practice and remembering to trust, to stay open and to listen.  Well, the message that I kept hearing was about a house, a house down in Old Town Tomball.  As fate would have it, I went down there on a recommendation and was immediately guided to THE house.  When I spoke with the landlord, it came clearer that this might be the direction for me.   So I kept open and kept listening to allow what was meant to be to manifest.

Three months later, as of Monday, construction and renovation of the new yoga studio began at 104 Houston St. in Tomball. Just off Main St. about 7 miles from the current studio. I am so excited to create this community space with all of you! I hold the intention of a gathering place for all of us to do our work in experiencing health wholistically, living in our truth and divine nature, and practicing yoga and its traditions. I will offer many of the same classes we now have, but will be able to offer more in yoga and different modalities of yoga, energy work, holistic traditions, meditation, chanting, art and more! More ways to connect, more ways to grow, more ways to experience nature and God’s light.   Construction takes time, so the plan is making this transition the first of the year. So classes at the current studio will go on as usual thru December 2014.

Stay tuned I will be updating the progress, posting pictures, and keeping all of you in the loop! Follow me on Facebook for the weekly progress. Some of you are asking to help some how! I would love it! This is our space and I am open to however you would want to help. We will soon be painting, planting gardens, building labyrinths, etc. etc so I will update you on those events as they come up, if you are interested. Another great way to help is just to spread the word! Tell your friends and get excited! All current packages and memberships will transfer by the way! Plan on January 1 to join us for a grand connection party! Full of yoga, meditations, manifesting, drumming circle and more! We will be celebrating all of our journeys, all of our wisdom and growth from our past and to the possibilities that are in store for all of us, infinitely! Thanks everyone for all of your support and excitement, for holding the space for me to grow and create!



Day 2 Demo
Day 2 Demo
Visualize a labyrinth and meditation garden, fire pit and smaller buildings/classrooms that surround the gardens.

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