Seane Corn, The Body and Beyond…

5It has been quite a special week at the studio! Last week we had the honor of hosting Seane Corn for a special 2 day yoga class event.  The event had many reasons why it was so close to our hearts. Seane Corn is a very special yoga teacher, internationally renowned vinyasa flow teacher and spiritual activist.  I have felt like I have known her before I even knew her name.  Seane has been in numerous magazines, videos, through out the years. I have memories when I first started practicing yoga, learning sun salutations from her out of a magazine.  Back then, there weren’t many yoga studios where I lived, so that’s were I started.  So it was full circle for me to host her at my yoga studio almost 18 years later…pretty cool!

64The focus of her class is not only on flow, alignment and the breath, but also on being conscious and practicing yoga with an intention.  It was beautiful! The first night of “The Body and Beyond…” the focus was on the body.  We flowed through sun salutations, slowly and consciously connected to a deep intentional breath. We moved into each well timed vinyasa that gave plenty of opportunity to get into the pose and find the breath and the sensation of the pose.  She said, the practice is to feel the beginning sensation of the pose and remain gently there. Not to push past and push beyond to where our minds or our egos might want to be when our bodies are not ready to be there.  Seane explained  what exactly vinyasa yoga is.  Vinyasa yoga, she says, is for those of us that like to move and to sweat.  However, vinyasa yoga classes can be as varied as the teachers who are teaching it. Vinyasa yoga does not have structure like Bikram or Ashtanga yoga, which are types of yoga that practice the same sequence of poses, the same way, with the same focus, every time. The beauty of the variety of vinyasa yoga is that it leaves room for allowing the creativity of the individual to express themselves through the yoga poses.  However, we must stay mindful to take care of our bodies, vinyasa yoga can be the source of injuries if we are not mindful.  We must feel and be aware of the sensations of the pose before pushing too far into them.

63Day 2 the focus was, “the beyond…” After a great chat about the energy of our body and how we carry trauma in our bodies. Yoga helps us to bring these things to the surface so we can face what is there and to allow ourselves to heal.  I was so excited to experience the energy of my body and to practice yoga with a spiritual intention. This is the kind of practice that I love, and it delivered! When we got on our mats, for each vinyasa, Seane would say a beautiful prayer. We prayed for our children and their teachers, we prayed for our military, for each other.  Even our sun salutations were a prayer, blessings to God, our earth, our bodies and each other.  It seemed to mean something different for everyone who was there.  I could feel how the expressions of each pose would change depending on how each prayer touched me. At the end of class, everyone seemed to be at peace.  Most of the class stayed after, ate and chatted. Sharing stories of what they experienced and felt during class.  For me Thursday evening seemed to be the stir of the energy, the awakening and Friday was the release, the expression of that energy moving through me.  It was so special!

This whole experience was such an inspiration! Most important, I got to see my friend, Meredith Lamb stand in front of a

10group of supportive yogis to speak up for her family and their experiences with dysautonomia. Meredith’s two sons struggle with dysautonomia, a disease that affects the autonomic nervous system and can range from mild to very debilitating. From her experiences with doctors and in and out of hospitals, she felt the need to help UT do more research and started the Lamb Foundation for Dysautonomia Research. 100% of proceeds from this event, went to The Lamb Foundation and helped to raise over $7,000.

Thanks to everyone who attended and donated money to the cause. It was great to see so many people come out and support the foundation, to practice yoga together, and create community in The Woodlands.  Thanks to Hummingbird Tea Room for creating such beautiful food, salads and tea for after our classes. Thanks to Greg Monk, Jeremiah Vaughn and Christine Brook for making adjustments to your schedules and making space for us to practice.  Thanks to Seane Corn for being such a bright light! For having the courage to be exactly who she is meant to be in the world.  To stand up for what she believes in and has the courage to be her big bright self! May we all be inspired to step into our light and spread that love and light into the world!  Namaste 

Jennifer Hennrich

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