Applied Kinesiology


Muscle testing (aka: Applied Kinesiology) is the art of using the body for feedback on any questions we can ask. It is a form of biofeedback that taps into the nervous system which will respond to any stimulus. Your body will respond to what we are testing in a strong or weak response, indicating a yes or no answer.  Does this make your body strong, balanced, healthy? Or weak, confused or ill? Is there a neutral response?

Muscle Testing can check the body’s systems for nutritional deficiencies, allergies, emotional, spiritual and lifestyle questions. We can test supplements, foods, remedies, detoxification programs and modalities of healing for priority, effectiveness, tolerance, and dosing.

Therapy Localization/Whole Body Scan: We can also test pulse points and organ areas in the body for imbalances. A whole body scan can be helpful if you are unsure of the origin of your imbalance or symptoms.

Muscle testing can be helpful in guidance for kids. I have experience doing muscle testing directly or by using a surrogate (substitute).

The body knows everything and always tells the truth. This is a tool which can help unlock much unknown information.

This work is not meant to diagnose, it is a guide to help find imbalances and what could be supportive to the body. It is meant to help you know where to guide you attention. Blocks or imbalances in the body can be physical, emotional, or energetic. With Muscle testing, we do not have to guess anymore. Now we can get the correct answers immediately. Muscle testing allows us to look at the physical but also to explore all sides of healing.

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$95   Body Scan for Therapy Localization/Whole Body Scan/Emotional Release Techniques